Thursday, 28 August 2014


Stacey and Phil were recently married at the beautiful Missenden Abbey on a perfect warm summer's day; you couldn't wish for more idyllic conditions!

This was a fabulous wedding to photograph, as from start to finish everyone one was in fun loving party mood. The speeches were superb and really original in content - I loved the best man's very cool idea of propelling paper aeroplanes towards the family and friends during his speech, with embarrassing questions for the groom which the wedding guests happily read out loud! Moments like this make for such wonderful candid pictures of the speakers, not to mention the guest reactions too - during the speeches most of the guests are oblivious to my camera and long lens!

Every now and again I'll come up with a slightly off the wall suggestion for pictures.  In this instance it was for the bride and bridesmaids to be donning wellies for some pictures whilst crossing the the River Misbourne. I'm pretty sure most couples must think I'm a little mad at times with my wacky suggestions, but I'm pleased to report that Stacey and Phil came back with a resounding - Yes Please! The pictures came out really well, although I must confess I was little nervous as the ladies negotiated the river crossing in their posh and beautiful dresses! I wasn't the slightest bit concerned that by now I had slightly soggy shoes and socks, heaven knows why I didn't think to bring my own wellies from the car - the things photographers do for our art!

Thank you Stacey and Phil for choosing me to photograph your wonderful wedding, I really enjoyed working with you and your friends and families. You kind messages regarding my work were so appreciated too!

Enjoy your week!