Saturday, 29 June 2013


Trisha and Simon followed their Thursday Indian wedding ceremony at the Dairy with their Friday civil ceremony, also at the Dairy. The venue underwent a huge transformation overnight to prepare for the new colour scheme and setup for the civil ceremony. Trisha & Simon were also dressed very differently from the traditional Indian attire they were wearing the day before.

Again we were dodging showers, though I'm pleased to report Trisha and Simon's friends and family were in high spirits over the two days so the weather wasn't really an issue. The stunning white orchid displays, sweet pea bouquets, classic outfits and lovely decor added a wonderful splash of colour too. The occasional rain shower might have blown a few dark clouds over us, but the weather couldn’t blow the smile off Simon’s face as he saw Trisha enter the ceremony. This was such a beautiful relaxed wedding for such a lovely couple.

I loved the images of the young bridesmaid making her reading during the ceremony, because in her tears and emotions I could see how close Trisha and Simon and these two families have become.The very kind registrar stepped in to help her finish the reading; I can tell you there were many other guests crying too! For me, these magical  moments are what weddings are all about!

Trisha and Simon, I hope you love your images as much as I loved being there to capture them for you over the two days.

This past weekend I was back at the Dairy again for two more weddings. A big thank you as always to the staff at the Dairy for recommending me for the past 12 years.

Enjoy your week!

Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Trisha & Simon got married a few weeks ago at the Dairy; their Indian ceremony was quite a spectacle. I had the privilege of photographing their vibrant fun wedding over two days at the Dairy. The traditional Hindu ceremony took place on Thursday, with the civil ceremony taking place the following day. From a photographer's point of view Indian weddings are such colourful and vibrant occasions, and an absolute joy to photograph. A Hindu ceremony is so very different to the usual civil and church ceremonies I attend, and for many of Simon's side of the family this was no doubt a whole new experience for them as well.

Hindu weddings are steeped in detailed rituals and religious customs. Weddings not only bring two individuals together, but they also strengthen ties between the two families.

The groom and his friends and family are greeted, mantras are chanted and blessings are sought. Each step has its own importance and resonance. Simon was dramatically escorted into the room by two ceremonial drummers, and a veil was positioned in front of him to prevent him from seeing the Bride. Once Trisha made her entrance with her close family members, the veil was removed and the Bride and Groom exchanged garlands.

The 'mandap' - a wedding canopy - literally provides the cover under which the wedding itself takes place.

A key Hindu wedding ritual involves the happy couple walking around a sacred fire. The fire is thought to witness the wedding vows exchanged in front of it. This is knows as the 'pheras'. The Bride and Groom circled the holy fire four times. The four feras (circles) represent the four basic goals of Hindu Life.: Dharma (moral sense to lead a good life), Artha (prosperity), Kama (energy and passion) and Moksha (Liberation through self-realisation). At the end of each fera, the couple stops to touch their right foot on a stone in their path and pray that their mutual love will help them to overcome obstacles in life. The bride precedes the groom in the final round showing her devotion to their continuing spiritual journey.  At the end of the four feras the bride and groom exchange seats, with the bride taking her seat to the left of the groom. There is also a tussle between the bride and groom to see who sits first because, according to the tradition, the person who sits first becomes the true head of their household. Over the three attempts, Trisha beat Simon to the seat by a fraction of a second on two of them.

Trisha and Simon were an absolute pleasure to work with, and they were so appreciative of my work. Last week I had a nice surprise when a courier knocked at my door with a boxed set of three lovely bottles of wine from Trisha and Simon. Thank you so much for these!  

The pictures for Trisha and Simon's civil ceremony will follow in my next blog.

Enjoy your week!