Monday, 30 July 2012


Rebecca & Richard were married at Missenden Abbey.  We were lucky enough to be outdoors for their pictures, although we had many dark clouds just miss us at various times during the day.

Rebecca is Australian, though living in the UK now.  I was amazed at how many of her friends and relatives were over to witness their special day. Whilst dodging the dark clouds, I captured all the important family pictures, plus lots of reportage images. All of the tables during the meal were decorated with lovely vintage tea cups and saucers overflowing with cut flowers, the effect was superb.  It was so nice to see something a little different!

During the last two weeks I've attended weddings at Wokefield Park-Berks, Oakley Court Hotel-Berks, Taplow House-Bucks x2, The Dairy-Bucks, plus the Bay Tree-Oxon. You could say it's manic at the moment, with  long hours here at the studio. My autumn holiday will be much appreciated when it arrives!

You can see many of my Missenden Abbey photographs on this link.

Here are a few images from Rebecca & Richard's wedding.

Enjoy your week!

Monday, 23 July 2012


Linda and John were married at the most beautiful hilltop location of Hedsor Parish Church, with their wedding reception held locally at Taplow House Hotel. The views from this really quaint little church high up on the hill at Hedsor are absolutely stunning of the Thames and beyond, although sadly when the wind blows you really know about it as we discovered! When I witnessed the ladies dashing along the church pathway holding on to their hats for dear life, I knew a 'Plan B' was required for the family group pictures. It was tight for space inside the church with 120 guests invited to the wedding.  Amazing how you can find space for group pictures when necessary, I didn't fancy attempting the pictures outside that's for sure! I used the pretty altar and stained glass windows inside the 400 year old church for the few posed pictures that were requested. Linda and John departed the church through a confetti aisle as the winds dispersed a little in time for our journey to Taplow House.

I've already captured 7 weddings this year at Taplow House, I'm guessing I've attended the venue about 120-150 times over the past 15 years. My personal challenge is to keep coming with fresh new ideas for the photographs I take at the hotels I attend regularly.

I was booked by Linda and John to stay through until after the wedding breakfast, thankfully the gusty winds stayed away and I captured the additional family pictures and reportage shots in the reception grounds.

See over 200 photographs of Taplow House Hotel on this link.

Here are a few pictures from the day:

Enjoy your week!