Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Some of the nicest pictures from weddings are in the unexpected images I capture. I'm always looking for those candid moments, pictures that really help to tell the story of the day, whether it's laughter, expressions, tears, reactions or just the kids causing havoc at the reception! One of my all favourites was capturing the bride and groom diving fully clothed in to the reception swimming pool, they were swiftly followed by the ushers and bridesmaids, that was one crazy wedding! No two weddings are ever the same, that's what I love about my job, I just never know what's going to happen next, you can be sure that my camera is always at the ready though! Mischievous little children are without doubt as good as it gets for photo opportunities at weddings. Just last weekend I captured a little boy dismantling one of the lovely pew end flower displays at the church, then I captured his mum having a stern word, the facial expressions were priceless, the whole time they were oblivious to my camera and long lens at the back of the church! These could be the classic photographs that will be used by his best man in 20 years time to truly embarrass him on his wedding day.

My weddings in the last two weekends have included The Dairy at Waddesdon Manor, Taplow House Hotel and a marquee wedding, I'm also busy this time of year attending small midweek weddings. My busiest month is always August, it's no exception this year with many lovely big weddings coming up.

Here are a few candid and fun moments from the last couple of weeks, I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Enjoy your week!

Friday, 15 July 2011


One of my favourite places for weddings is the world famous Wentworth golf club in Surrey, the most wonderful setting. Sweeping lawns, lovely lakes, gorgeous club house great flower borders and so much golfing history. I've lost count of the famous golfers I've seen there over the years, on one recent visit I photographed nine times major winner Gary Player with the wedding couple, a really nice genuine and friendly guy who was happy to chat and pose for a picture. I have to say the groom was so excited at talking to him, though his wife didn't have a clue who he was!!!

Wentworth has been recommending me for the past eight years, my most recent wedding was just a couple of weeks ago. We had the most lovely blue skies with perfect fluffy white clouds throughout the day, Karen & Ian were thrilled with their pictures too! One of the most memorable things for me was the couple and me being pursued in our golf buggies by the resident swans as we headed over the fairways towards 'their' lake for a photo oppurtunity. I can tell you that swans are every bit as fast as golf buggies at full speed! Many of their pictures can now be seen in my display album at Wentworth. Here are a few pictures from the day, I hope you enjoy looking through them.

Enjoy your week!

Friday, 8 July 2011


The staff at Taplow House have been recommending me for almost 15 years now, I must of photographed about 120 weddings there over the years. It really is one of the nicest Georgian country house hotels, high ceilings, chandeliers, big spacious rooms, huge windows and lovely gardens. It also helps that the staff are so friendly, some have been working there longer than the 15 years I've been attending weddings there. I've photographed four weddings there alone in the past six weeks, with two more over the next month. A few years ago I attended six weddings over two weekends at the hotel, the staff were joking that I should have just taken a room! As a photographer I'm always looking for great architectural features for my backdrops, Taplow House has these in abundance. Check out their website to see lots more of my work:   www.taplowhouse.com   or visit my 'Select-A-Venue' gallery to see over 150 images of the hotel.

It's manic here at the studio in Chesham, it's our busiest time of year by far. Lots of wedding bookings are being made for next year, even some very organised couples are reserving dates for summer 2013! 

I hope you enjoy looking at the selection of pictures from these Taplow House weddings below.

Enjoy your week!